5 Dream Destinations

16 August 2016

It's always good to dream, and I find having a list of must-see destinations in mind makes travel planning that little bit easier - with thousands of locations to see across the world, it can be hard to pick just one, so today I thought I'd share with you my top 5 bucket list destinations. These are my 'if I won the lottery destinations' and are definitely not your average summer holiday!

1. Hawaii

Going to Hawaii has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl, when I was younger I was obsessed - I even bought a hula outfit and a DVD to teach me the moves when I was in holiday in Miami! Whilst my love for the hula culture remains strong, it's the Hawaiian landscapes that I'd really love to lay my eyes on. Hawaii is renowned for it's rugged landscapes of cliffs, waterfalls, tropical foliage and beaches with gold, red, black and even green sands (the black sand beaches look amazing). They're things which you can only get in the Aloha State, and I honestly think if I was only ever allowed to travel once more, it would have to be to Hawaii. 

2. Sugar Beach, Toronto

Sugar Beach is a new addition to my list, after seeing a few bloggers I post about it on their Instagram accounts. I'd never heard of it before, but the idea of an urban beach sounds amazing, and who could resist the adorable decor?! Opened in 2010, Sugar Beach is an urban beach park, located in Toronto and while it's absolutely adorable, you're not actually allowed into Lake Ontario, so it's mainly a public waterfront space to relax and enjoy rather than an actual beach - still cute though and I'd still love to go!

3. Pig Beach, Bahamas

This may seem like an odd one, but swimming with pigs in the Bahamas has always been firmly on my bucket list - way higher than swimming with dolphins! The 20 swimming pigs and piglets are located on Big Major Cay, affectionately named 'pig beach'. Nobody is quite sure how the pigs got there, but now they live freely on the sandy beaches, and after basking in the sun for hours, they swim out into the surf - is it wrong to be jealous of a pig?! 

4. Aruba

Aruba is located in the Netherlands Antilles, just off the coast of Venezuela and is home to some of the worlds best white sandy beaches, clear waters, tropical fish and picturesque views. The island is littered with pastel Dutch architecture, transporting you to a tropical Amsterdam - and whats more, the island is inhabited by while Flamingos! Flamingos are one of my favourite animals, and I always loved seeing them in the south of France as a child, so seeing them in Aruba would just be a dream come true. Like most other Caribbean islands, this one is pretty expensive, but hopefully one day I'll make it to Aruba!

5. Bora Bora

It probably sounds silly, but after seeing Kim Kardashian scream and cry about losing her diamond earring in the clear waters of Bora Bora (we all know the scene), it's climbed its way to my top 5 bucket list destinations. Dubbed the 'Jewel of the South Seas', Bora Bora is one of the world's most beautiful and romantic islands. It's located just northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, and is surrounded by a coral reed which protects it's beautiful turquoise lagoon - making it perfect for scuba diving. What really draws me to Bora Bora is the lack of traditional hotel rooms, instead of a normal room, you get a luxury bungalow perched over the water on stilts - it doesn't get more picturesque than that! 

What's on your bucket list?

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  1. I've been on the exact spot in Hawaii where that pic was taken!!! :-D It was our honeymoon. Good times, oh man...


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