New Beginnings

11 August 2016

I've always shied away from embracing change, happy with the way things were and sticking with the status quo. However, as of late, I've been feeling a little disconnected from the things which once excited me, feeling like it was time to leave the old behind and embrace new ventures.

New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings, but for me this is so much more than that. For those of you who are unaware, Sail Away isn't my first venture into the blogging world. For the past four years, I've been blogging all things beauty on Lipgloss & Lashes, and while I'll always love beauty, it just wasn't doing it for me anymore. I found that my passion and excitement for the beauty blogging world had dwindled and despite my best efforts, I just wasn't finding it thrilling anymore. For a long time I couldn't put my finger on it, I tried to blame the changing beauty blogging environment, the negativity I was receiving from other bloggers, a lack of partnership opportunities, etc - and suddenly something clicked, it was time to embrace change and trust the magic of new beginnings. I wasn't done with blogging, nor was the blogging industry forcing me out, I was just ready to talk about something other than beauty.

It wasn't an easy decision to make the jump, as I've built such a brand around beauty and was worried that I'd lose all of the followers and friends in the blogging world, but I felt that I was being dishonest by continuing to blog about beauty, as I could never inject as much life into it as I once did. When I left university in 2015 I soon started work at one of Britain's busiest and biggest airports so it's no surprise that my life is now heavily influenced by travel - whether thats at home or abroad. I've grown as a person and learnt a lot about myself in my first year of full time work, and I'm now much more interested in the number of passport stamps I've collected as opposed to the number of MAC lipsticks I've got stashed away. So with this in mind, Sail Away was born. 

Inspired by my lifelong love of the ocean (I was always called water baby when I was younger) and my new passion for travel, Sail Away is new beginning - a little corner of the web where I can share my travels, new discoveries and even the places I discover closer to home.

...and so the adventure begins...


  1. Exciting! Can't wait to see how this new online chapter for you is going to evolve :-)

  2. I've been following Lipgloss and Lashes for a few years now and at first I was so sad to read your last post, but now I'm so incredibly excited for you and your new blogging venture. I wish you all the best, Becky! And can I just say, your new blog layout is absolutely gorgeous!!!


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