The Prettiest Cakes in London

24 August 2016

When it comes to cute cake shops, London's got you covered, and this weekend I took a little trip down to Belgravia to visit the Peggy Porschen Parlour (a.k.a the most instagram-worthy cake shop in all of the lands). 

Painted completely pink and adored with a beautiful floral archway, this cake shop is pretty hard to miss. Situated in-between Sloane Square and Victoria, this cake heaven is just a stones throw away from the pretty boutiques of Belgravia and some of the most expensive (and pretty) houses London has to offer - so you can really make a day of it. 

For such a small shop, the cake selection wasn't bad - between three of us we managed to order five cakes (we hadn't travelled all that way for just one!). I wen't for the slice of Raspberry, Lemon and Rose cake and a Strawberry and Champagne cupcake and I have to say, it was one of the best I've ever had. The cakes are incredibly soft and all of the icing is made out of cream cheese, meaning it's not too sugary sweet. My friends picked out the Lavender and Lemon cake, Blueberry cupcake and Raspberry and Lemon cupcake - which I may have tried, and yes they were all incredible. Then again, I wouldn't have expected anything less from the brand that baked Kate Moss' wedding cake. 

Of course, while we were there we just had to try out the drinks selection. I wen't for the pink lemonade as really, who can resist a pink drink? Whilst my friends decided to test out the tea selection, going for one of the floral teas and a peppermint tea. The tea came served in our own individual tea pots in pastel colours, and they're actually great value for money as you can get around 3 cups of tea from each saucer. 

No detail has been left un-thought-of at Peggy Porschen, from the marble tables to the sweet peas and crystal chandeliers, the cake parlour is shabby chic to perfection and ever-so adorable. The walls are adorned with all of the Peggy Porschen merchandise you can get your hands on - from cookbooks to the Strawberry Champagne cake filling (I almost walked out with this!) - everything about this place is a girls dream and a bloggers paradise.

Once we were suitably stuffed (and on a major sugar high) we decided to wander off down the road to take a look into some of the nearby Boutiques before the heavens opened - it is England after all! Of course before we left we had to pose for some photos outside the cake parlour - that floral archway is just too pretty to ignore!

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