5 Tips for Flying Solo

11 September 2016

Flying solo for the first time can be a nervous and daunting experience, especially if it's a long haul flight. I often travel with friends and family, but a solo-holiday isn't something I'd avoid. Sometimes you just need a little me-time away from it all on a sunny beach somewhere in the med! So today I thought I'd share my tips for flying solo with you all - hopefully you'll find them useful! 

1. Prepare

I always find that proper preparation is the key to calming my nerves. I'm such a panicked traveler in airports, constantly checking for my passport, boarding card, headphones, and whatever else I may have forgotten...which can be especially bad if I'm flying on my own and have nobody to make sure I've got everything I need! 

I now stick to preparing everything a few days before my flight, to ensure I don't forget anything and that I'm not panicking about the flight or finding my way through the airport. I've always been extremely organised when travelling (I'm the girl with the pre-planned itineraries and I've pretty much packed my suitcase a week before I fly!), and I find that it's especially useful when you're on your own. If you're confident that you've packed everything and are completely organised, then you'll panic less about the whole experience. 

2. Allow plenty of time

I'm one of those people who turn up to airports as soon as check-in opens (usually three hours before my flight depending on the destination). Turning up early gives me plenty of time to find my gate and make my way there, without rushing around of the fear that I'm going to miss my flight, because believe me, a quick sprint through the airport is not what you want when you're already nervous! Turning up early also means that you've got plenty of time to browse duty free, fill up on a decent breakfast (food will always be my comfort blanket) and pick up some books/snacks/whatever else you can find for the plane. I'm lucky in that my local airport (Heathrow) has plenty of shopping and eating options, so it's easy to waste three hours in the terminal before your flight! 

3. Pack the essentials in your hand luggage!

I've been unfortunate enough to be in a situation where my baggage has gone missing (after a 48 hour delay in a dodgy motel in Phillidelphia - the stuff of nightmares.) so now I always make sure I pack some spare underwear and a change of clothes in my hand luggage - just incase. This is more of a general flying tip, but it's especially important if you're flying solo. When my luggage went missing, I was lucky enough that I had my Mum who was the same size as me, so I wasn't having to slum it in the same clothes for 4 days straight (ew!), but had I of been flying alone, it would have been a very different story!

4. Bring plenty of entertainment. 

Long-haul flights can be a b*tch. The longest I've ever done is 13 hours to Hong Kong and let me tell you, it wasn't fun. Most airlines now have the latest films, tv shows, etc but I always find it useful to bring some of your own entertainment - make sure you pack your iPod and headphones, a good book and a neck pillow for those pesky night-flights. When I'm nervous, I fidget and can't choose what I want to do, so having lots of options helps calm my nerves - anything to keep my mind off the fact that I'm flying alone. 

5. Pack your in-flight beauty essentials. 

Now this tip definitely comes from my beauty blogger background, but seriously, flying is terrible for your skin. Packing a good moisturising spritz and a cooling gel moisturiser (I highly recommend the Clinique Moisture Surge range) will do you a world of good, and keep you feeling fresh on board your flight. When you're flying solo and nervous about it, it's never nice to feel groggy and uncomfortable, and a quick makeup wipe and moisturise will do you the world of good, and probably help you sleep better. 

Happy flying!

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  1. Yeah, long flights are a tooooootal pain in the hiney... Entertainment (and variation) is a must.


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