Exploring the Madinat, Dubai

30 September 2016

When you're in Dubai, it's often easy to forget that you're in a traditional middle eastern country, as the modern architecture and glistening lights play tricks on your mind. However, if you ever find yourself in Dubai, I strongly encourage you to get out of town and explore some of the more traditional areas of the city. Failing that, the Madinat is a good place to start. The Madinat is a 5* resort hotel (although you'd never know it was a hotel if you weren't staying there), the largest of it's kind in Dubai, spanning over 40 hectares of landscapes and gardens. 

Described as one of Dubai's most attractive developments, I just had to see this contemporary interpretation of a traditional Arab village for myself, complete with traditional souk, palm-lined waterways and traditional arabic architecture. My main reason for visiting the Madinat, was to see the traditional Souk Madinat Jumierah - a maze-like bazaar filled with quirky shops lining traditional wooden walkways. If you want to pick up something unique to remember your time in Dubai, then a visit to the Souk is a must. We chose to visit the Souk Madinat instead of the traditional gold and spice souks as we wanted to combine our visit to the souk with dinner and drinks and the stunning view of the Burj Al Arab before heading back to the airport that night. 

As I said, one of the Madinat's selling points to me was the stunning views you get of the Burj al Arab, surrounded by palm trees and traditional buildings...there's no view like it in Dubai. If you're going to head to the Madinat for the view alone, then go for sunset like I did. You'll get to watch the bright sunshine fade into dusk, and when night falls, that's when the view really gets interesting. The Madinats waterways are lined with restaurants, perfect for taking in the view and watching the mesmerising colours of the Burj al Arab during nightfall. 

Whilst we'd initially gone to the Madinat to explore the Souks and take in the view, we couldn't leave without trying some of it's culinary delights. Before dinner we headed over to Trader Vicks for a cocktail (...or two!) as it was happy hour, and if you've been to Dubai then you'll know how pricey drinks can be! After drinks we strolled on over to Segreto, a beautiful italian restaurant right by the waterways. Despite the 35 degree hear (even at night!) we decided on our last night we should sit outside, as it's unlikely we'll be feeling the sun on our skin for another few months living in England. The staff at Segreto were wonderful and so attentive, and I had the best spaghetti bolognese of my life (yes, I know, what a boring choice...I'm a fussy eater!)...If you visit the Madinat, you have to dine here. 

If you're planning a trip to Dubai, then the Madinat is a must-see for a mix of traditional and western culture...and of course, a stunning view! The place is filled with exquisite details, so don't be afraid to explore the grounds and remember to take the stairs, you never know where they may lead! 

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  1. Beautiful snaps, looks like a lovely place to visit.


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