5 Cocktails to Try This Autumn

18 October 2016

The dark mornings and rainy weather can only mean one thing...Autumn has arrived in London. I love to head out to my favourite bars and clubs in the summer, but autumn just makes me want to curl up on the sofa with a snuggly blanket and a hot drink. That being said, staying in doesn't have to be boring - one of my favourite things to do on cold saturday nights is to grab a bunch of my nearest and dearest and put together a little cocktail party! So today I thought I'd share with you 5 of the cocktails I'll be whipping up this season. 

Whilst autumn may be all about the cinnamon and spice, there's definitely room for those of us with a sweet tooth. Kate's Salted Carmel White Russians are to die for, especially if you're into your sugary sweet drinks like I am. Kate describes these are dreamy and festive, something to sip on as you snuggle in your PJs, with a Christmas film playing in the background - and I couldn't agree more. They're super simple to make, which is great if you lean more to the lazy side of life like I do! Read the full recipe here

Living in the countryside for most of my life means that I know a thing or two about how to use up piles upon piles of apples - honestly, try living with 6 apple trees, there's only so much apple pie you can make before you need to turn some of them into a cocktail! This Autumn Apple Sangria recipe is perfect for whipping up when you've got a group of friends over - you can easily whip up a jug of this autumn goodness and you're good to go for a little while! Read the full recipe here

Everyone who's anyone knows that autumn is all about the pumpkin spice, and nothing screams 'autumn' more than a pumpkin spice apple cider. Creative Culinary have wiped up the perfect recipe for you this autumn - it takes around 10 mins to make, but boy are the results worth it! Read the full recipe here

Here I go again with the pumpkin, but honestly, how could I not?! These pumpkin pie shooter are seriously adorable, and the perfect way to kick off your autumn cocktail party! They can be made with or without alcohol so there's something for everyone. Read the full recipe here

Again with the apples...I know, I know, but they are a staple for the season! Other than apples, ginger just screams out 'autumn' to me, so why not incorporate it into one of your favourite cocktails? The Apple Ginger Smash is crisp, slightly sweet, with a hint of spice - complementing the season perfectly. Read the full recipe here


  1. My favorite cocktail (if you can call it that) is a Bailey's Hot Chocolate with extra whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

    1. Favorite cocktail for the colder seasons, that is.


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