Autumn in London

29 October 2016

I desperately wanted to go to Vermont this year for Autumn to experience all of the changing colours and bright orange leaves, drink apple cider and of course, go pumpkin picking. Alas, life got in the way and I've ended up staying in London for the Autumn season. When you live somewhere, it's easy to forget just how beautiful it is, and I think I was starting to fall out of love with London a bit. This weekend, in an attempt to get into the Autumn spirit just in time for Halloween, we ventured all the way out of London to Crockford Bridge Farm in Surrey, to enjoy an afternoon of pumpkin picking before settling down to watch Hocus Pocus and carve our pumpkins!

Crockford Bridge Farm is located just outside of Addlestone in Surrey, and it only took 40 mins from where I live in West London so it's definitely not too far to travel for a day out. We got to the pumpkin patch the day before it closed for the season, and with it being half term here in the UK, it was packed with children and their parents. Luckily we managed to dodge the toddlers and children and get our pick of the pumpkins! 

The pumpkin patch had pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colours, which I loved as it meant we were able to get a good selection to decorate our front porch, giving it that true rustic look instead of store bought pumpkins. 

The farm was decorated perfectly for the occasion, with a huge 'welcome to Kansas' sign, hot chocolate stands, a cute corn maze and hay bails for miles. Having never been pumpkin picking before, the farm had a lot to live up to and it definitely did! 

As well as hay bails stacked high and a field littered with pumpkins, the farm also had lots of kids activities and a photo spot amongst the hay bails, perfect for snapping family photos. The pumpkins are a little more expensive than your average shop-brought pumpkin, ranging from £1.50 for the miniatures up to £25 for some of the larger, white pumpkins. We ended up buying 4 medium sized pumpkins and two miniatures for £25 but it was definitely worth it in my opinion for the experience!

After finishing up at the farm, we returned home where we carved all of our pumpkins (which took way longer than expected!), ordered a takeaway and watched Hocus Pocus on the sofa - the perfect alternative to a Halloween night out!



  2. I desperately want to visit America for next fall! Looks like you found fun here though - I've never been pumpkin picking before!


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