Beach Days in Dubai

2 October 2016

Ever since I was a child, the first thing I've wanted to do on a trip abroad is visit the beach. There's something about the ocean which I find so calming, just bobbing away in the surf and contemplating life...and when I'm on a relaxing beach holiday, thats the exact feeling I look for. As soon as we'd touched down in Dubai, my mind was on getting to the beach. We quickly checked into our hotel, which was located right on Jumierah Beach and headed down to the beautiful white sands, ready for a relaxing first day in the city. 

Most of the hotels in Dubai have their own private beach, if they're located in the Jumierah area and when I stayed in the Sheraton a few years ago, we were lucky enough to have our own private beach and garden area. This time round we stayed in the JA Ocean View hotel (which I was so impressed with), and whilst they didn't have their own private beach, they were located right on Jumierah public beach - which was perfect for us. After heading down to reception and grabbing our beach pack (complete with heat protectant mat to stop us burning on the scorching sand!) we headed down to the beach to soak up the sun. 

One thing I just couldn't get over was the heat. It sounds silly as I always knew Dubai was going to be scorching in September, with temperatures up to 40 degrees, but on the beach there really is no escaping it...even the sea was hot. I headed down into the surf to cool off, and instead of cool ocean waves, I was greeted with what felt like a of the strangest things! After all of the excitement to get down to the beach, we didn't actually last that long on the sand...only about half an hour, which I was pretty impressed with to be honest, I was not built to deal with temperatures that high. 

One of the great things about Jumierah beach though, is that if like me, you can't deal with the heat, there's plenty of things going on along the beach walk. Jumierah Beach Walk has changed a lot since I was last in Dubai, it's now full of exciting restaurants, bars and shops (complete with amazing air conditioning - trust me, you'll be just as excited when you get out there!) so there's plenty to keep you occupied - and cool - whilst you muster up the courage to head back out to the beach. 

One thing which is also great about Jumierah Public Beach - apart from the gloriously white sands - is the view. On a clear day you get an amazing view of the Palm, including the Atlantis resort and the Burj al Arab, so definitely worth a look. 

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