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21 October 2016


One question I get asked time and time again, is how do I edit my photos. I've always stayed away from answering this question, not because it's a big secret and I don't want to share my process, but in all honesty, I don't do too much to my photos. Before when I ran my beauty blog, I barely touched my photos because I didn't feel right advertising products when filters and alterations may have changed the appearance of the product, however now I've moved over into travel and lifestyle writing, I'm free to be a little more creative - which I love!

I tend to do most of my photography work when I'm actually shooting, to keep the photos as natural as possible and to ensure the beauty of the location is portrayed accurately. However, this did require a litre investment, both in time and money. I treated myself to the Canon 700D, an entry level DSLR camera which is perfect for me whilst I get to grips with the settings and develop my photography skills, before I consider upgrading my kit to something a little more advanced - but I'll cover that off in a separate post as I could go on for hours about compositions and camera settings!

When I shoot, I also take hundreds of very similar shots, as in some photos the sun is just right and in others things are just off. So once I've uploaded these photos to my Mac, where I can see them in finer detail, I delete about 50-60% of these before starting my editing process.

I decided that I wanted to keep my editing process as quick as possible, as I really don't have time to edit hundreds of photos in minute detail, so I invested in some pre-made Photoshop actions. For those that don't know, photoshop actions are essentially filters for photos, that you can apply with the click of one button. I buy mine off Creative Market, as I find they're a reasonable price for 5-6 actions. My favourite photoshop actions pack is called Kiss Me Softly - it's perfect for brightening and mattifying your images, which is really all I like to do to my photos before I post them.

After the editing process is complete, I'll then go through the photos once more and delete around 30% of these before arranging them within my blogpost, and then you're ready to go!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I always find it super interesting to know how others take and edit their pics.


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