Hand-Luggage Beauty Essentials

9 November 2016

More often than not, I'm travelling hand-luggage only. It tends to decrease the price a little, and if I'm only going away for a few days, then I really don't need to pack all that much. Over the past few years I've gotten really good at reducing the amount of clothes I take, and really good at recycling outfits when on vacation, but the one thing I always struggle with is downsizing my beauty bag. I can't be the only one out there who struggles with this, so today I thought I'd share with you my hand-luggage beauty essentials, and pretty much the only things I travel with on short trips. 

Obviously there are those items that you can't live without such as your toothbrush, so I won't touch on them today (and I definitely don't recommend leaving your toothbrush at home!). However, makeup is a whole different story. Time and time again I've packed enough makeup to paint an army of faces, and still only stuck to one or two products, so now when I'm packing for trips, I'm much harder on myself when it comes to choosing which makeup items to bring, and I find making a list really helps me with this. I've managed to downsize my once bursting-at-the-seams makeup bag to a small pouch only containing my tinted moisturiser, eyebrow pencil, powder, blush, lipstick and mascara. If I'm travelling to a hot country, I really don't need more than this...I find that the sun does most of the work and anything else will just melt away in the heat! 

Makeup aside, it's also really important that you're safe when travelling, and yes, beauty has a big part to play in this. Often exciting places can be rough on our skin, especially if you're planning on spending a lot of time outdoors. Whilst I love the sun (and I'm guessing you probably do as well!), the sun doesn't love us...make sure you pack your sun protection, and not just your suncream. Sunblock, moisturizer, and lip balm are your allies in harsh weather conditions - as well as your sunblock, be sure to pack a lip balm with a high SPF...It won't take up much room in your hand luggage but it'll save you from a world of pain! These items won't take up much room in your hand luggage either if you're smart about buying travel-sized items, so there really is no excuse for leaving them behind!

If you do struggle to pack light like I once did, be sure to make a list of the essentials for your trip before you pack. Before I started using my travel essentials list, I'd throw in unnecessary items (which often lead to me being over the weight limit!) or forget the little things like lip balm and paracetamol, so the list has really helped me to stay organised. I like to keep my list pretty small with only the bare necessities so that I have more room in my bag for any last minute souvenirs! 

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