Travel Gifts You Need This Christmas!

15 November 2016

I'll be the first to admit that travelling isn't cheap, in fact, my travel budget pretty much only extends as far as to cover my flight, accommodation and a little spending money for whilst I'm away - so luxury travel accessories are definitely out of the question! I was recently asked by some family members what I'd like for Christmas and the only thing I could think of were some bits and bobs to make my travels a little more glam. In fact, last year my parents bought me a Samsonite luggage set and it's been a godsend, so if you know of someone who likes to travel like myself, then one of these may be the perfect holiday gift! 

1. Beats by Dre in Rose Gold - Long haul flights are the worst, but having a good pair of headphones can make the world of difference. I find that Beats by Dre are great at blocking out that whirring airplane noise and make it so you can actually hear your film without the volume being at deafening heights - plus, who can resist this pretty rose gold colour, right?!

2. Smythson Luggage Tag - I'm such a paranoid travellers, especially when it comes to leaving my bags in the hold, so a luggage tag is essential. I was gifted a luxury luggage tag once, and whilst it may seem like an unnecessary item, it always makes me think of that person whenever I'm travelling. Plus, when an airline lost my bags, it ensured their safe return!

3. Cath Kidston Cosmetic Roll Case - I like to be organised when I travel, and a cosmetic roll case can be a complete lifesaver. Not only does it conserve space and allow me to organise my beauty bits, but it's a pretty gift too!

4. Kate Spade Water Bottle - The liquid rule at airports can be a pain, but most airports now offer you a place to fill up your bottle after security, so having a bottle with you is super handy. I love these bottles by Kate Spade, as the glass and silicone combination helps to keep drinks cool whilst your on the go.

5. One Truffle Travel Pouch - I first saw these travel pouches in this post, and thought to myself what a great idea they are! They come in all different sizes, so they're perfect for carrying your travel essentials (passport, boarding card, phone charger) and your beauty bits that need to be kept in clear plastic bags.

6. Go Pro - A Go Pro is the ultimate travel accessory. I always think that travelling is half being there in the moment, and half the memories you take with you - and I think a Go Pro is the perfect way to capture those memories and take them home with you. I recently filmed a trip aboard and it was so lovely to relive the trip when I got home through my camera.

7. Kate Spade Passport Holder - A chic passport holder is the perfect travel companion, and it doesn't get much cuter than this bunny wallet from Kate Spade! I always think this would be a lovely gift, as the person you gift this to will always think of you when they're travelling overseas.

8. Gray Malin Carry-On Cocktail Kit - Travelling should be a fun experience in my opinion, and this sprinkle cocktail kit is perfect for that very reason! The carry-on cocktail kit is suitable for air travel as it complies with the liquids rule, and it's something fun to pass the time on board.

9. Globetrotter Luggage - If you're looking to really splurge this Christmas, then Globetrotter Luggage is the only way to go. It's definitely pricey, but you'll never look more stylish - I've had my eye on the safari collection for years now!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Girl this list is on FIRE - I pretty much want everything (especially the Kate Spade passport holder, how dreamy is that?!). I love the idea of a gift guide for travel lovers, GENIUS! <3

    Hayley xo


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