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29 January 2017

Last year I was lucky enough to travel to some amazing destinations, and those experiences have only got me wanting more. Now that the festive period is well and truly a distant memory and the January blues have completely set in, I've started to plan my travel for the year to make the most of my annual leave, and my travel budget. Today I thought I'd share some of the places I'd love to travel to this year, in case you were in need of any's unlikely that I'll make it to all of these places (I'm not made of money!), but it's always nice to dream!

Venice, Italy

Venice has been on my list for years now, I love all things italian and Venice has always seemed so beautiful to me. I got to experience the fake Venice in Las Vegas last year, so now I think it's time I booked a trip to see the real deal!

Santorini, Greece

Again, Santorini has been on my list for years now. Unfortunately it became *the* place to go last year, which has hiked the price up significantly. If the cost of going to Santorini stays as it is, then it'll have to be one for next year, but a girl can always dream!

Isla Holbox, Mexico

Whilst researching a trip to Cancun, I stumbled upon Isla Holbox, which is just a teeny way away from Cancun. This tiny island has a proper 'old Mexico' feel and if I'm honest, looks like heaven on earth. It seems like it would be a great place to travel to after Cancun to get away from all of the typical tourist traps, and see some of the beauty that Mexico has to offer.

Cinque Terre, Italy

The Cinque Terre on the italian riviera has been top of my list for a long time now. Made up of five colourful and authentic fishing villages, the Cinque Terre has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. The five villages are no longer the isolated hamlets they once were, but there’s still a feeling of remote authenticity, with few roads, perfectly preserved architecture and a network of stunning coastal and mountain trails.

Reykjavik, Iceland

This year I'd also love a wintery holiday around Christmas time, and Iceland looks like it would be the perfect location for my winter wonderland getaway. I'd love to visit the Blue Lagoon and go sledding in proper snow (not like any of this sleet that we get in the UK!), and of course seeing the northern lights in person would be the dream. 

Where are you planning to visit this year?

xo Becky 

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  1. Oh, these places look incredible! We were recently lucky enough to win a holiday with Thomson Holidays and as I've never been abroad my wanderlust has grown massively. There's so many wonderfully beautiful places I've never considered visiting and now really want to. Mexico is high on our list and Isla Holbox looks amazing! :O x


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