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15 January 2017

Like most of the UK right now, my New Year's resolution was to get fit and finally lose the weight I've been piling on for the past two years. I always find that a new workout outfit is just the motivation I need to get myself down to the gym (forcing myself to go is half the battle!) - for ages, I was going to the gym in my old tshirts and leggings, not really putting much effort in because I was only going to get sweaty. I'm not confident in the gym at all, and the scraggy old outfits I was wearing definitely didn't help with this confidence. So over the past month I've been slowly revamping my gym wardrobe, and it'd be rude not to share some of the cute pieces I've come across, right?! 

Sports Bras

If you're going to be doing any serious activity, then you need a good sports bra. As a DD+ lady, I know first hand how hard it is to find a sports bra that's both supportive, comfortable and pretty. I ended getting mine from 'Freya' as their sports bras come in all sizes (right up to a F) and they're so pretty - something that's incredibly hard to find in larger bra sizes! If you're lucky enough to be able to shop all over for your sports bras, then you can really experiment with shapes and colours...

Sports Leggings

The gym is one of the places I feel comfortable in experimenting with colour. In my day-to-day life I'm pretty predictable and stick to whites, pastels and black, whereas in the gym I'm all about the bright colours and patterned workout gear! I buy all of my leggings from Victoria's Secret as I love the thick band around the waist, but I was so tempted by these beauties...

Sports Tops

Again, I used to just chuck on any old tshirt to work out in, not really thinking that a proper sports top would make a difference. I've now learnt that a proper sports top in a breathable material makes the world of difference, and keeps me going for longer. When I'm doing a low impact workout I will still wear a normal tshirt, but for anything involving cardio I always wear my workout tops now to keep me cool.


I have never been a 'trainers person', but joining the gym has given me a new love for trainers, and how much they can impact your workout. I used to have a very cheap pair of trainers as I didn't really see the point in spending a lot of money on something I didn't like wearing, but they ended up ruining my feet and holding me back. I recently bought the Nike Air Max Sequence 2 in a beautiful ombre pink colour and they've made a world of difference - I can run for longer, my feet don't hurt and I'm confident that they're doing their bit to look after my knees as well.

Happy Shopping!


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