A Roman Holiday - Part III

24 February 2017

Day three was our final full day in Rome, as we were headed back to London the next day on the 1pm flight, so we wanted to cram in as much as we possibly could and make full use of our final hours.

We started off the day with another trip to the Trevi Fountain. If you've been keeping up with my Rome travel diaries then you'll know that I completely missed the first time I went to throw a coin in the fountain so I needed to go back and do it properly the second time! We headed there early (around 9am) to beat the crowds again, and we were so lucky to be pretty much the only people there until about 10am. With it being so quiet, I finally managed to sit on the edge of the fountain and throw my three coins into the water - one to return to Rome, one for love and one for marriage...I'll have to let you know how that works out for me! 

After we'd finished at the Trevi Fountain (and every tour group in Rome had arrived to admire it's beauty), we headed over to the bus stop to jump back on the sightseeing bus. We still had a few hours left on our tickets, so it made sense to travel this way to our next destination, as let me tell you - Uber in Rome is not cheap!

After a quick ride on the tour bus, we arrived at the Colosseum, where we hopped off ready to head inside. We hadn't really planned to go inside when we were planning our trip to Rome, so we hadn't pre bought tickets and ended up queuing a little to get in, but it wasn't too bad as we travelled out of season and only had to wait around 45 mins (compared to the 4 hour queues you'd see in summer!). 

Walking around the Colosseum was amazing, and something I'd recommend to anyone visiting Rome. It's amazing to see how much of the building has survived and hear all of the stories about how the building was used in ancient times. 

After we were finished up at the Colosseum, we headed to the Pantheon. When we were on our private tour of the Vatican, our guide mentioned that the Pantheon is the best example of ancient roman architecture in Rome, as it's survived so well for all of these years. The Pantheon was beautiful, and also the site of Rafael's tomb, which was really interesting to see. 

By the time we'd finished taking a look round the Pantheon (and stopped for a late lunch!) it was almost sunset, so we raced across town and up the spanish steps to the Vila Borghese Gardens to watch the sun set over the Vatican City. 

The Vila Borghese Gardens are beautiful, and a lovely sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of Rome. They also make for the best spot to watch the sunset as you can see the entire city splayed out in front of you, lit up by the orange light of the setting sun *all of the heart-eyed emojis*. 

After the sun had finally set, and we'd finished admiring the view, we headed back to our apartment to get ready for dinner. We decided that after a full day on our feet, we didn't want to travel far for dinner, so we headed around the corner (literally about 30 seconds around the corner - talk about lazy!) to Angelina a Trevi for the best italian meal of my life. The restaurant was serious goals - from it's rustic italian decor to the dreamy 'Cacio e Pepe' that I ordered...everything was perfection and I'd seriously think about adding this to your Rome 'to do' list. 

After dinner, we headed around the corner to the Trevi Fountain as I was yet to see it at night. We all popped into a local cafe and loaded up on gelato (I had Raffaello flavour and it was heaven on earth) and then sat on the steps by the fountain reminiscing on our favourite parts of the trip whilst the fountain sparkled away...it was the perfect end to our trip.

xo Becky  

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