London's Latest Hot Spot: Elan Cafe

24 January 2018

One thing (amongst many others) I love about living in London is the constant stream of new restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars popping up all over the city, my 'London List' is never ending and always on-hand when it's time for brunch. Never one to miss out on an opportunity for brunch (or to update my Instagram), I headed over to London's latest Instagram Hot Spot - Elan Cafe. 

Elan Cafe is a girly girls heaven, adorned with the flower wall of dreams and all of the pretty cakes you can feast your eyes on. I headed there for a meeting and decided to purposely turn up a little bit early so I could sneak some breakfast in (girls' gotta eat 👀). 

If you're into your speciality coffee, then this is the place for you...they had all of your standard coffee (with the cutest latte art!...Mine had a bird and the others had flowers and a teddy bear 🐻) along with some more speciality coffee - everything from tumeric to beetroot, and even a blue latte!

I opted for a Spanish Latte, which is your regular latte but made with condensed milk to make it a lot sweeter. Anyone who knows me knows that my sweet tooth controls my life, so this was perfect for me. For brunch I went for the Acai Bowl, I'm normally quite boring and always go for avocado on toast but I'd seen one of the other girls in the cafe going for the acai bowl and it looked too good to pass up. I was right, it was amazing and I'd definitely go back (maybe a few times) for the acai bowl alone!

One thing to note though is that there are actually two locations. I didn't realise this and headed to their Park Lane cafe as I'd previously had some meetings up by Marble Arch, however the one you've seen on Instagram is most likely their Brompton Road location. The Park Lane cafe is cute, and I had no complaints about the food or coffee, but you do end up sitting downstairs so if you're just going for the 'gram, then there isn't a lot of natural light...the flower wall is also a lot bigger in the Brompton Road location. If you're not fussed about snapping away for Instagram then the Park Lane location is perfectly perfect!

xo Becky

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