The Rivera Maya, Mexico: Where We Stayed

7 February 2018

As you may have seen on Instagram (sorry for all of the holiday spam), this past week I've been staying in the Riviera Maya in Mexico. I've had a few messages asking about where we stayed/if we would recommend it and so on, so I thought the easiest way would be to round everything up in one blog post for those of you looking to book something similar!

Those of you who know me IRL, will know that we've been trying to book a holiday for months (if not years) now, and last year on Boxing Day, we finally managed it! When it got to around October/November time and we still didn't have anything booked, we decided it would probably be wise to wait until the Boxing Day Sales in case any airlines had good deals. Luckily for us, TUI were having a winter sale, so off we went and booked. 

We'd decided before going that we wanted an ultra relaxing, all-inclusive holiday, and TUI seemed like the perfect place to book one. I'd not been on one of those types of holidays in years, so needless to say I was thrilled. We didn't really have a destination in mind, and were originally looking at Cape Verde, however when we saw an amazing deal on Mexico, we couldn't say no. 

Anyway, enough rambling about the booking process and onto the holiday itself! For most of the holiday we spent our time in the resort (it's so big that you really don't need to leave)  relaxing, but we did venture out twice - posts on that coming later or this post would be huge!

We stayed in the Grand Serenis Riviera Maya, located just 20 mins outside of Tulum - which I was so excited about, Tulum has been on my bucket list for years. As I said, the resort was huge, almost like two hotels built into one, it had three pools as well as a lazy river, it's own private beach that goes on for miles, ten restaurants, twelve bars and a leisure centre's worth of sports courts (which in all honesty, we never saw because you know, sunbathing took priority 🙊). We rarely spent any time in our room, as there was so much to do outside, but it was huge and the perfect place to escape to for a pre-dinner nap. 

There were also plenty of activities down by the beach including, snorkelling and diving, swimming with dolphins and jet skis, but my favourite had to be the hammocks which looked out towards the ocean, but were shaded by the palm trees making them perfect for a quick siesta or to escape the heat for an hour or two. 

Sunglasses - Celine at World Duty Free, Bag - Poolside Bags, Hat - Marks & Spencer

I'm not really an all-inclusive kind of person, as I normally prefer to explore different restaurants where I'm travelling, however as we really did want an easy week in the sunshine where we didn't have to worry about getting dressed up if we didn't want to or put any effort into planning our trip, going all-inclusive was perfect. The resort had two huge buffet restaurants with every type of food under the sun (some of which they'd even make to order - hello pasta bar) which was perfect for those lazy days or for when we'd been out for the day and didn't know what time I'd been back. We also had three meals in the resort restaurants included within our stay, which gave us the option of getting dressed up and going out for dinner. There was also a coffee shop so we didn't have to worry about being without our precious Starbucks (although we did manage to find one by some Mayan ruins in Tulum 😂). 

Overall, I was SO impressed with our stay at the Grand Serenis and our trip with TUI, everything was so easy from the booking process to getting to home from our trip, and everything in-between. The hotel was like paradise on earth, and I've honestly never seen water so blue in my life. I think it's fair to say I've got a terminal case of the holiday blues after this trip...

xo Becky 

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