Brunch at Palm Vaults, Hackney

2 March 2018

A few weekends ago, on a hungover Saturday, I decided to leave my West London comfort blanket and head to Hackney - anyone who knows me will know how shocking this truly is. Anyway, I headed off on my voyage across London to visit the wonderfully pink Palm Vaults. I'd been seeing this cafe pop up on my Instagram for months, but what really sold me was the 'glitter pink latte' that I saw on their the excitement of being in a completely pink room I actually forgot to order the glitter latte, but what I did order was well worth the trek it was to get there. 

Palm Vaults is located right on Hackney High Street, a short walk from the overground station. I'm not very familiar with East London, but it was pretty easy for me to get to from my house in West London, it just took a little while. When we got there, we did have to wait a little bit to be seated, but that was to be expected as it was 11am on a Saturday and they don't take reservations {despite me shamefully begging on Instagram DMs 😂}. They did let us browse the menu while we were in the queue though, so when we sat down we knew exactly what we wanted. 

After we were finally seated, our waiter came over and answered our many questions about the extensive coffee menu and I settled on a Red Velvet Latte, while my friend went for a Rose Latte. Disappointingly, neither were pink when they turned up {I've still not worked out which latte is pink!} but they did taste lovely, and they were made with coconut milk, so perfect for any of you who are dairy free. 

For food, we both decided to go for one of the smoothie bowls with granola and berries. After a night on the tiles the previous night, I needed something fresh and healthy, so this was the perfect option. I went for the dragonfruit bowl {I can't remember it's exact name but it was definitely something along the lines of dragon or monster...}, which was just instagram goals when it turned up...I don't think I've ever had food so pretty! It also tasted ah-mazing and the portions were pretty sizeable despite not being too expensive...a definite win in London!

After we'd tucked into our smoothie bowls we decided to undo all of the good work done by our healthy breakfast, and devour some {delicious} cake and could we travel all of that way without at least trying some of their sweet treats?! 

The decor in Palm Vaults is very much inspired by 80s Miami and is so pink and girly, so it was perfect for a girls brunch/catch up...however, they do operate a no laptop policy, so maybe not the place to go to catch up on emails with a coffee! They also offer vegetarian options and free-from options on their entire menu, which as someone who has certain dietary requirements, I think is amazing. 

xo Becky 

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