A Day Trip to Whitstable

30 August 2018

Last Monday, me and a friend decided to make the most of the last bank holiday before Christmas {scary, I know} and head to the cute seaside town of Whitstable for the day. Unfortunately the weather wasn't on our side but it was a lovely day, so I thought I'd share some highlights in case any of you were thinking of getting out of the city for a day. 

We headed to the station bright and early, grabbed a coffee and our tickets {which were around £20 for a return with a rail card} and off we went to the seaside. The journey took about an hour and a quarter, which was perfect as it was enough time to drink our coffee and fill each other in on what's been going on since we last saw each other, and before no time we could see the sea! 

We were quite peckish when we arrived, so we headed to Farm & Harper for brunch. The service wasn't great - I'm not sure if we caught them on an off day as all of the reviews are glowing - but the food more than made up for it, as did the non-London price tag! I had the breakfast tortilla and my friend had the avocado toast {we're basic and we own it}. 

After brunch we took a stroll through the town to get our bearings and quickly found ourselves on the beach. I mentioned earlier that the weather wasn't on our side, and by this point it definitely wasn't - the beach was incredibly grey and windy, but we came to see the seaside, so we sat there for a while taking in the sights surrounded by other determined day-trippers. By the time we couldn't feel our fingers and had developed mild frostbite, we decided to head back into town to take a wander through the shops and find somewhere for lunch. 

We ended up in 'Veggie Revival' for lunch, a quirky cafe selling you guessed it...vegetarian dishes. I had the halloumi fries and the three bean chilli nachos and both were delicious. A heart attack waiting to happen, but nevertheless delicious. 

After eating our body weight in nachos, we headed back out to the other side of town to explore and ended up in the Old Neptune, a traditional pub right on the beach, for a pint of Whitstable Bay {and a well earned hour out of the wind}, before heading back into town for a final ice cream from Sundae Sundae. I went for the strawberry with popping candy {which was delicious!} and my friend went for the mint chocolate chip with smarties, which looked SO pretty and apparently tasted pretty good too. 

After devouring our ice creams it was time to head back to London on the train in time for an early night ahead of the working week. I had a lovely time in Whitstable and would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to escape the city for a day, or anyone who loves seafood as there was an abundance of seafood restaurants and lobster shacks, especially as its only a short train ride away from London! 

xo Becky 

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