An Instagrammers Guide to Paris

22 August 2018

Whenever I've got a trip to a new city booked, I'm vey guilty of obsessively looking for 'Instagram Guides to...' and then planning my route around the city to include some of these spots, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. I've found some of the best restaurants, parks and pretty streets through Instagram and it generally means I don't end up on a 'Big Bus Tour' of the city {a.k.a avoiding all of those tourist spots}. So today I thought I'd put together my own for one of my favourite cities...Paris! 

1. The Palais Royal

I'll start with my favourite, the Palais Royal, which I'm assuming most of you have seen on your Instagram feed at one time or another. Whilst the Palais Royal has beautiful gardens, water features and buildings, it's the black and white striped podiums that you really must see. They're the perfect place to capture a fun Instagram shot, and generally have a giggle.

2. Cafe Kitsune

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If you're looking for that perfect coffee picture {and just a generally good coffee pick me up} then Cafe Kitsune is the place to be. It's actually just next to the Palais Royal so you know, two birds and all...Perfect for those who appreciate good branding {the marketer in me rejoices!}

3. The Trocadero

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Of course, you can't go to Paris without taking a snap of the Eiffel Tower! My favourite place to see the Eiffel Tower is the Trocadero, it gives you the perfect view and is lovely on a misty morning {or at night if you want to see the lights twinkle}. I would recommend going super early though as it does get quite busy. 

4. Pont Alexandre iii

Paris is full of stunning brides which make the perfect backdrop to any photo, however the Post Alexandre iii is by far the prettiest in my opinion. The light blues and golds are so stunning, but again this is quite a popular spot so be sure to head down early!

5. Ralph's

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If food is your thing, then you definitely want to make a reservation at Ralph's. Owned by Ralph Lauren, the decor here is stunning and the food is to die for! It helps that it all looks stunning too, so perfect for the gram!

6. Place Vendôme

If shopping is your thing, then Place Vendôme is for's home to the best of the best {think that blue Chanel door} and oozes Parisian prettiness. There's also a good chance that you'll spot a wedding or two happening in the square!

As always, this isn't a comprehensive list as there are new 'it' spots popping up everywhere, but hopefully it gives you a few ideas on where you can take a few snaps...and if you have any more suggestions do leave them in the comments below! 

xo Becky 

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