Exploring the Phi Phi Islands

25 September 2018

As always, I've saved my favourite Thailand post for last...today I wanted to share with you our day spent exploring the Phi Phi Islands. This was the day trip I was most apprehensive about, I'm not the best on boats or around fish {and I'm terrified of the sea!} and this day was a lot of speeding around the islands on a boat and a lot of being in the water with the fish 😬. However, like the trooper that I am, I soldiered on and I'm so glad I did - the Phi Phi islands are like heaven on earth, actual postcard paradise.

Longboats, Sea Canoeing and James Bond Island

23 September 2018

If you read my Thailand Photo Diary last week, then you'll know when I was in Thailand at the beginning of the month, we took a day trip to the infamous James Bond Island. As it was such a jam packed day, I wanted to capture it all in a blog post before I forget everything that we did! 

We booked all of our trips before we got to Thailand with Get Your Guide. When we got there a lot of people recommended booking in Thailand itself, however as we only had a week and didn't want to spend it traipsing around looking for the best deal and filling out insurance forms, we decided to book before. This just meant that we had everything planned out and could maximise time spent by the pool, something I'm so glad we did as a week really isn't long enough!

Thailand Photo Diary

18 September 2018

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I recently took a trip to Phuket in Thailand {sorry about all of that holiday spam!}. With the exception of a few day trips, we had a fairly chilled week and spent most of the time relaxing in the resort, so instead of putting together one of my 'Ultimate Guide To' posts {because we really didn't explore enough to warrant that} I thought I'd just share some of my favourite snaps from the week and let you know what we got up to. I'll also do seperate posts on some of our day trips as we managed to cram a lot in and this post would to years long if I tried to cram it all in! 😊

Autumn Bucket List

17 September 2018

It's true what they say, as you get older the years really do fly by, and I can't help but feel that things have been stuck on fast forward recently. 2018 has been one of the best years yet, and maybe it's the feeling of not wanting to let go which has left me feeling this way, but it's something I definitely want to change. I'm guilty of spending a lot of my life waiting/working for 'what's next?', instead of appreciating what I have now and what I have around me. So with this in mind, I'm going to finish the year making a conscious effort to enjoy each season and make the most out of now. 

I'm quite an organised procrastinator, and if I don't have a list I know I'll just muddle on through until suddenly it's New Year's Eve and I can't think what I've done with the last 4 months other than work or sleep. So instead, I thought I'd share with you my 'Autumn Bucket List'...just some silly little things I'd like to do to make the most out of the season...enjoy! 

1. Go to the pumpkin patch - This is something me and my friends do every year, and it's such a fun day out. I love picking my pumpkins and getting creative designing them and putting them out for the trick or treaters...even if we never get any at our house! 

2. Perfect my Butternut Squash & Saffron Risotto recipe - This year I've made more of an effort to cook more, and try new things. Since having the risotto at Dalloway Terrace, I've been obsessed with making saffron risotto, and think it would make the perfect autumn dish for the cold nights. It's almost perfect, but still needs a few tweaks so I'm hoping to work on that over the next few months. 

3. Take a stroll through Regent's Park when the leaves have fallen - Regent's Park is so pretty when the leaves have fallen, and I rarely get the chance to appreciate it, so this year the plan is to go for a walk around the park when it's at its autumnal peak. 

4. Read 5 books - I'm so guilty of not reading anymore with the excuse of not having the time, but it's something I used to love. Autumn seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up with the latest releases from some of my favourite authors now the nights are drawing in. 

5. Book a Winter City Break - Every year I tend to go on a city break at the end of November or beginning of December and they're always so much fun. This Autumn I want to plan a weekend away in December, somewhere in Europe to enjoy the Christmas Markets - we're thinking Brussels!

6. See the fireworks on November 5th - November 5th was one of my favourite 'holidays' as a child, I was always fascinated by the fireworks and still am - such a big kid at heart! Our local Cricket Club puts on an excellent display so I'm hoping to visit again this year. 

7. Make the perfect apple crumble - When I grew up our garden was filled with apple trees, so we'd have apple crumble or apple pie every Sunday after our Sunday dinner. It's not something I've done in years, so this year I'm bringing it back! 

8.  Get back into blogging (properly) - I've recently started dipping my toe back into the blogging world, but I've been hesitant to get back into it properly. I'm hoping Autumn will provide me with the perfect inspiration and I'll be able to get my mojo back. 

9. Actually do something for Halloween this year - Every year I plan on doing something for halloween and I never get round to it - this year I'd like to plan something, even if it is just a movie night with friends. 

10. Visit the Electric Cinema - I've wanted to go to the Electric Cinema for years and for one reason or another, I've never got round to it. This year I'm hoping to make it the year I finally visit, and a cosy Autumn evening seems like the perfect opportunity. 

What are your plans for Autumn?

xo Becky 

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