Exploring the Phi Phi Islands

25 September 2018

As always, I've saved my favourite Thailand post for last...today I wanted to share with you our day spent exploring the Phi Phi Islands. This was the day trip I was most apprehensive about, I'm not the best on boats or around fish {and I'm terrified of the sea!} and this day was a lot of speeding around the islands on a boat and a lot of being in the water with the fish 😬. However, like the trooper that I am, I soldiered on and I'm so glad I did - the Phi Phi islands are like heaven on earth, actual postcard paradise.

We started our day with a briefing at the marina, where our instructor told us that although the weather looked perfect for a day at sea, it was in fact, very choppy. I'm the worst person when it comes to boats, but luckily the tour company gave us some complimentary sea sickness tablets and I had my super trendy sea bands on, so I was fine for the entire day...even if a group of girls did laugh at my anti-sea sickness getup 🙃. 

After our briefing we headed out to the speed boat where we jetted off {for about an hour} to Pileh Lagoon, and you can believe me when I say this - I have never seen water like it. The above photo doesn't even have a filter 😵. After we'd all gotten over the initial shock of just how blue and picturesque the lagoon was, we dropped the anchor and jumped off the boat and into the lagoon. Admittedly I was a little too adventurous for my own good and had to ask for a life jacket to be thrown in because my weak little arms were tired after about 30 seconds 😂 but nevertheless, it was an unforgettable experience and I was so bowled over by my surroundings that I completely forgot about the potential fish swimming around me. 

After we were done swimming around Pileh Lagoon, we jumped back onto the boat for a quick post-swim snack {the tour guides were very generous with the snacks throughout the day which was very much appreciated}, before jetting off to our next location - snorkelling! As we got to our snorkelling spot, the boats captain informed us that there was a whale shark in the water, and while it wasn't dangerous, I just couldn't force myself to get into the water. I was scared of snorkelling as it is, so this was just too much for me. I was however, able to have a little sunbathe on the boat and enjoy the surroundings...I could even see all of the fish in the water from the boat as the sea was SO clear. 

After our snorkelling session {I was promised another attempt after lunch where there would be no whale sharks!}, we headed to Phi Phi Don for a Thai buffet on the beach. I think this was my favourite spot, and not just because it involved eating...I've never been on an Island so uninhabited, it was like something from a movie. We sat on the beach after our buffet sipping Piña Coladas out of coconuts and I honestly don't think there is any greater pleasure in life. After a quick post-cocktail dip in the ocean, we headed back to the boat for our next snorkelling session in shallower waters...so no whale sharks 🙌🏻. 

This time I did manage to get into the water for the snorkelling, however I lasted about five minutes before all of the fish and the fear got too much and I went screaming my way back to the safety of the boat...but at least I tried it 😂. After I was fully recovered from my snorkelling experience we headed off to one of the islands to see some baby monkeys {I apologise in advance anyone who now has the 'Baby Monkey' song stuck in their head} before heading to Bamboo Island for an hour of relaxing on the beach and swimming in the crystal clear waters - the perfect way to finish the day. 

Again, we booked our tour using Get Your Guide, and I can't recommend them enough. The hotel pick ups and drop offs were a lifesaver and nothing was too much trouble on the day. This was also one of my favourite trips as we were allowed to go at our own pace instead of being rushed onto the next destination, and there was plenty of time to enjoy our surroundings and actually swim in the sea instead of only getting enough time to snap a quick photo. 

xo Becky 

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