Longboats, Sea Canoeing and James Bond Island

23 September 2018

If you read my Thailand Photo Diary last week, then you'll know when I was in Thailand at the beginning of the month, we took a day trip to the infamous James Bond Island. As it was such a jam packed day, I wanted to capture it all in a blog post before I forget everything that we did! 

We booked all of our trips before we got to Thailand with Get Your Guide. When we got there a lot of people recommended booking in Thailand itself, however as we only had a week and didn't want to spend it traipsing around looking for the best deal and filling out insurance forms, we decided to book before. This just meant that we had everything planned out and could maximise time spent by the pool, something I'm so glad we did as a week really isn't long enough!

Our guide picked us up from our hotel bright and early, and we made the {quite long} journey across to Wat Suwan Khuha, otherwise known as the Money Temple. The main reason for visiting the cave was to see the giant golden reclining buddha, which really was quite something. However, as there were only a handful of us in the cave it really was quite eerie... 

Outside the cave there are hundreds of monkeys ready to steal your food at any given opportunity, so I'd recommend you save eating your lunch until a bit later in the day..unless you want it snatched by a monkey! 🐒

After visiting the temple, we drove a little more before getting on one of the traditional longboats and sailing to Talu Island. On the journey we were able to take in the huge islands coming out of the sea and the traditional Thai fishermen on their boats around us. 

When we finally reached Talu Island {it's about an hour away}, we hopped into our sea canoes and were taken around the island to see the sights, including canoeing through a cave...and even fitted in a little sunbathing while we were there! After our sea canoeing, we headed back to the longboat where we were taken to Phang Nga Bay, otherwise known as James Bond Island. 

Not being the greatest James Bond Fan {I've only seen the more recent films}, I hadn't actually seen 'The Man with the Golden Gun', which was the film set on the Island...but there were plenty of signs everywhere to let me know what was filmed and pointing out key parts of the film. As expected, James Bond Island was seriously crowded - all of the tour groups arrive at the same time and everyone wants that iconic photo...needless to say, I obviously joined in and queued for my photo 😬. Apart from the beautiful view, there isn't a lot to do on James Bond Island...so we hiked around a bit {not the easiest in flip flops!} and had a little dip in the sea before heading back to the boat. 

We finished the day with lunch at a nearby floating muslim fishing village, which was delicious {and seriously spicy...too much for my English tastebuds!} before heading back to the mainland by longboat and driving back to the hotel in time for one happy hour piña colada! 

Overall, it was a great day and the views were well worth the waiting around, but there was a lot of stopping and starting and I can't help but think the day would have been better had we of only visited one or two attractions instead of cramming in so many in the 30 degree heat - just something to bear in mind if you're thinking of booking something similar. 

xo Becky  

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