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18 September 2018

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I recently took a trip to Phuket in Thailand {sorry about all of that holiday spam!}. With the exception of a few day trips, we had a fairly chilled week and spent most of the time relaxing in the resort, so instead of putting together one of my 'Ultimate Guide To' posts {because we really didn't explore enough to warrant that} I thought I'd just share some of my favourite snaps from the week and let you know what we got up to. I'll also do seperate posts on some of our day trips as we managed to cram a lot in and this post would to years long if I tried to cram it all in! 😊


We arrived in Phuket late on Saturday night after one of the longest journeys Ive ever had, by the time we arrived we were tired {we'd been awake for 25 hours!}, hungry and very much ready for a shower and bed. Instead of going out we ordered room service, relaxed in the room and got an early night ready for the next day. 

As expected, we were pretty jet lagged on Sunday so we decided to spend the day at the resort, exploring the six {!} infinity pools, numerous hotel bars and generally lovely surroundings. We stayed at the Mandarava Resort & Spa in Karon Beach which was slightly quieter than Patong, its popular neighbour. I'll be doing another post on our hotel as it really does deserve some recognition, so spoiler alert: it was fabulous! 


Monday started with an extremely early start as we headed further inland to visit the Phuket Elephant Retirement Park. Before visiting Thailand we knew we wanted to see the elephants, but didn't want to get caught in the usual tourist trap of riding the elephants as they are normally mistreated and it's incredibly cruel - something my conscience couldn't deal with. Whilst researching we came across the Phuket Elephant Retirement Park, a park which takes in elephants from the circus, tourist attractions, etc and gives them a better life.

We booked online direct with the park themselves and they kindly picked us up from our hotel {and drove us back later in the day}. When we arrived at the park we learnt about the parks goals and mission and how they look after the elephants, before preparing them a meal of pumpkin cakes, sugar canes and bananas.

We then got to meet the elephants {including two babies!}, feed them and get a photo with the group before we joined the elephants in a mud bath..not something I thought I'd be doing on my holiday but it was so much fun getting stuck in the mud with the baby elephants! After the mud bath we washed off in the next pool before learning how to make Pad Thai and sitting down for a traditional Thai feast. If you're heading to Thailand, I'd thoroughly recommend a trip to the Elephant Retirement Park - you can find out more and book here.

After our morning with the elephants, we chilled by the pool before heading into Patong for Thai Food and catching the sun set over the beach which was just magical. 


Tuesday was another early start for us, as we headed out to Phang Na Bay, or more commonly known: James Bond Island. This is where 'The Man With The Golden Gun' was filmed, and whilst it's now a tourist hot spot, it really is something to be seen if you find yourself in Phuket or Krabi. I won't go into this in too much detail as I plan on doing another blog post on everything we did on this trip, as it's way too much to cram into this one blog post!


Wednesday was yet another early start for us {can you sense a theme here?} as we were up and ready by 7am to head to the Phi Phi islands for a day of exploring, snorkelling, relaxing and monkey spotting. Again, I won't say too much here as we did a lot and I'll be doing a separate post on this.

Thursday & Friday

Thursday and Friday were our last two days in Thailand, and after a busy week of day trips and exploring, we decided we wanted to finish the trip on a more relaxing note. I did a lot of reading, sunbathing and snacking, and couldn't have asked for a better end to the trip. We split our time between the beach and some of the resorts {six!} infinity pools.

We also managed to squeeze in a wild night out {Magaluf style} in Patong before we left, and I would go into the details but it's honestly all a bit of a Piña Colada will do that to you!

xo Becky 

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