Autumn Favourites

1 October 2018

When it comes to the seasons, Autumn is by far my favourite. It's not so cold that you can't feel your fingers, and we're not yet in the months of 'it's getting dark at 4pm', but it's also not so hot you can't move...also, autumn fashion - need I say more? So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite bits and pieces I've been buying for autumn, and some I've been using for years

First up, this month I've been seriously impressed with H&M. For years I never bothered going into store as their sizing was all over the place, and I found the experience chaotic. However, the new store in Westfield London is fab (and they seem to have changed up their sizing!). I picked up the cosy jumper pictured above in three different colours, along with a beaut camel coat and a lovely white girly/frilly blouse..and everything {apart from the coat, obvs} was under £20 - bargain! I've linked all of the pieces I picked up at the bottom of the post if you're interested ☺️. 

I'll get all of the fashion pieces out of the way first in case that's not your thing! The second think I invested in for Autumn was these raefeather slippers. Raefeather is a brand I fell in love with this summer {you've all seen my bag all over my instagram for months now!} and as soon as I saw these beauties on Instagram I knew they had to be mine. They're a similar price point to UGG slippers {which is what I normally buy} but you can completely customise them with colours, initials, stripes, etc - which I think is just so cute! They're also so soft and cosy, so perfect for the colder months ❄️. 

Another item I can't get enough of {pictured above} is the Yankee Candle Fireside Treats candle. I'm never normally one to go for a sweet smelling candle, but the marshmallow scent of this one drew me in and is so reminiscent of cosy fires and sweet treats on a cold night. I've been burning it non-stop since it arrived! Next on my list from Yankee Candle is Warm Cashmere, another one perfect for autumn! 

Something else I've been loving for cosy nights in is the Lush 'Sleepy' Body Lotion. Scented with lavender flower and tonka, it smells like bedtime in a bottle and it really does help me get to sleep at night. I'm the type of person who will wake up several times a night, and when I use this I sleep like a baby - it's a dream! I've just seen that they have recently launched the same scent in a shower gel, so I'll be trotting down to my local Lush as soon as pay day rolls around {as they do seem to be getting a little pricey!}. 

Lastly, I couldn't round up my autumn favourites without mentioning my favourite brunch spot - Dalloway Terrace. The food at Dalloway Terrace is great {try the risotto!} but what I love so much about it is the cosy atmosphere. For Autumn, the terrace has been revamped into an autumnal forest, the heaters have been turned on and the blankets are out in full force - definitely go take a look if you're in London any time soon. 

xo Becky

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