A Few Festive Favourites

29 November 2018

I feel like the festive season is my time, I love how cheery and sparkly everything in, cosy nights in by the fire, and of course all of the festivities surrounding Christmas. So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites for this time of year. There's no real theme here, just a few things that I've been loving lately and a few cosy treats for this time of year!

First up in the new White Moss & Snowdrop Cologne from Jo Malone. I smelt this at a preview event with work months ago and it's been on my wishlist ever since. I went back and forth a bit with the decision to pick up this fragrance as they are only selling it in the larger bottle size, and as it's quite a festive scent, I didn't think it would be something I'd get enough use out of to wear all year round. In the end I couldn't resist and picked this up from work one Friday as a little treat to myself, and I'm so glad I did. This smells just like Christmas in a bottle to me, so it is quite a festive scent and perfect for this time of year, and the golden holographic bottle is just stunning! I'm so glad I took the plunge with this scent as it's quickly become a new favourite of mine, and I've never had as many compliments on my perfume as I've had since wearing this!

Another favourite this year is this mug. It sounds silly to include a mug, but this is honestly the perfect tea drinking size {if you like a big mug} and it's festive without being too tacky and over the top like a lot of Christmas homeware can be. This was my only Black Friday purchase that I made for myself, as I used the sales to do most of my Christmas shopping, and I'm so glad I did because it's SO cute! I picked this up from Anthropologie {one of my favourite stores!} with their 20% off Black Friday deal so it came to around £9, but I think it's gone back up to around £12 now! It also comes in two other festive designs that I'm trying to resist adding to my basket..

Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a Christmas tree! One of my favourite parts about this time of year is going shopping for new tree decorations. I try to buy a few each year, with the aim of having a really eclectic tree when I'm old, full of memories from each year! This year, I decorated my tree with these beautiful decorations from M&S. I tend to stick to a more traditional style of decoration, as they will never go out of style and it means all of the decorations I collect over the years match each other in some kind of way, and nobody does traditional quite like M&S. I wanted to buy their entire Christmas shop, and I definitely came away with way more wrapping paper, ribbon and cute little table place cards for the big day, than I'd originally intended on buying!

Anyone who knows me {or follows me on Instagram} will know that I'm obsessed with scented candles. I always have one burning when I'm in the house, I think they make the house feel super homely, which is so important to me living in a houseshare in London. I've tried all kinds of scented candles, but the brands I always go back to are Diptyque, Jo Malone or Yankee Candle. This year, I treated myself to Feu de Bois from Diptyque, something I wouldn't normally go for but I'm so glad I did! Feu de Bois is a very smokey and wintery scent, and it kind of reminds me of being sat in a country pub while the fire roars and the snow falls outside...a bit like being at home, sitting with my dogs infront of the fire. It's become a firm favourite, and I love it for this time of year!

What are your festive favourites? 

xo Becky

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