Brunch at Dalloway Terrace

6 November 2018

When it comes to finding an Instagrammable brunch spot in the city, you really can't beat Dalloway Terrace at The Bloomsbury. This Autumn, the terrace has been transformed by London's favourite florist - Early Hours. You will have definitely seen their installations all over the city, with their work often gracing the doors of the Ivy in Kensington and their earlier work at Dalloway Terrace. Eager to see the display in action {and have a completely #InstaGoals lunch} me and a few good friends headed down to Tottenham Tour Road to get our brunch on. 

I actually prefer the lunch menu at Dalloway Terrace to the brunch menu, but on weekends they only serve the brunch menu unless you go after 5pm for dinner - which is a real shame as the risotto on the lunch menu is to die for. It was 3pm when we went so it was a little odd to be eating breakfast food so late, but I've always been a fan of 'breakfast for dinner'! I had the Shakshuka which was lovely, but I wouldn't say it's anything all honesty, their entire brunch menu isn't so special {if you're looking for interesting food, there are so many better places} but the decor and cosiness of the terrace definitely made up for the standard food menu. If you're a foodie, then I'd definitely recommend heading down for dinner or on a weekday for lunch, as the risotto is amazing and the menu is much more, I can never say no to parmesan truffle fries!

I've heard some complaints that the staff are rude, however I've only ever had good experiences...that being said, we didn't take a camera with us {apparently you aren't allowed} and we did book before visiting - which I definitely recommend you do as it gets booked up fairly quickly. 

If you're looking for somewhere cosy and autumnal, then Dalloway Terrace is the place for you, but if you're looking for unique and interesting food options, then maybe venture elsewhere. I will definitely be heading back soon soon as they put up their winter decorations, as it's normally like your own personal Narnia! It's a great option if you're looking for a lunch or dinner with the girls, and the cocktail bar downstairs - The Bloomsbury Club - is a great place for after dinner drinks if you're not ready to head home. 

xo Becky 


  1. It's such a gorgeous location but I am such a foodie so for me I'd take food quality over location any day and plus, they wouldn't even let you take a camera in?! Bit lame xx

    1. The lunch menu is great, I was just left disappointed by the brunch menu! Yes the camera thing is SO odd..I think it is incase it disturbs anyone else dining xx


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