A Small Charlotte Tilbury Haul

26 January 2019

Can you believe that up until now, I've never tried Charlotte Tilbury Makeup?! I've been makeup obsessed for years, and you really can't miss her pretty palettes and lipsticks scattered all over Instagram...but up until recently, there wasn't anything that really caught my eye, that was different enough to something I already owned which would justify the price. Enter the Pillow Talk palette...Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness, so when I saw that this palette was back in stock online, I couldn't resist popping it into my basket {along with a few other spur of the moment purchases!}

Weekly Roundup #2

25 January 2019

Well, well well...So far my 'weekly roundup' series has lasted a grand total of one week - honestly I can't say I'm surprised 😂. However, I'm back and trying again, so lets see how long it lasts this time.

Skinny Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Muffins

7 January 2019

When I posted my Skinny Banana Nut Muffins recipe last week, I had so many lovely comments and messages on Instagram from people saying that they couldn't wait to try them, that today I thought it was about time I got back into the kitchen and shared another of my favourite skinny muffin recipes. Today's creation was these skinny raspberry and dark chocolate muffins - fruity, sweet and perfect with a cup of tea in the afternoon! 

This recipe will make 8 large muffins {there's no skimping on portion size in this house!}, and each muffin will be 2 SmartPoints if you're following the Weight Watchers plan like I am. However, because the fruit is quite chunky in these muffins, they won't last as long as the banana nut muffins - so be sure to share them with your friends and family, or eat them quickly yourself!


50g Coconut Flour 
25g Porridge Oats 
1 teaspoon Baking Powder 
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract 
5 eggs {separated} 
5 tablespoons Silverspoon Granulated Sweetener 
40g Dark Chocolate Chips 
½ packet raspberries {based on a medium size packet, but this can be adapted to how fruity you want the muffins to be!}

How to make: 

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees, and line a muffin tray with 8 cases. 
2. Sift your flour and baking powder into a bowl. 
3. Mix in your oats, vanilla extract, sweetener and egg yolks. 
4. Whisk your egg whites until they are stiff {you should be able to turn the bowl upside down!} 
5. Gently fold the egg whites into the mixture, one spoonful at a time. 
6. Fold in the raspberries and chocolate chips. 
7. Spoon into baking cases and pop into the oven for 25 mins. 
8. Once they're out of the oven, leave them to cool and enjoy! 

I hope you liked this recipe, and if you'd like to see me share more of my baking {or general cooking} recipes on this blog, then I'd love to hear from you in the comments below! I'd also love to know which sweet treats you'd like to see a healthy version of...I'm always looking for inspiration for my next bake! 

xo Becky 


Weekly Roundup #1

6 January 2019

Hello and welcome to my first 'weekly roundup'...In an effort to keep myself blogging regularly throughout 2019 and to share my everyday loves {those things that I love, that don't quite need an entire blog post dedicated to them}, I'll be posting a weekly roundup every Sunday of the year {hopefully!}. In these posts, I'll be sharing what I've been up to that week, some bits that I've loved and what I've been buying...I hope you enjoy! 

With this being the first week of the new year, it's fair to say life has been a bit all over the place. On the 1st I travelled back to London, and with not starting work again until Friday, I couldn't seem to shake that 'crimbo limbo' feeling {I hate that word}. However I did manage to get my act together a little and join the gym. I know what you're all thinking...it's just a 'new year, new me' fad and I won't stick to it {you're probably all right}, but this time I want to give it a proper go. I feel like I've done the hard work of losing weight, so now it's time to tone up and also just get myself back into a regular routine. Unfortunately the first week of the year was ruined a little as I managed to get tonsillitis and the flu at the same time so I've not managed to make it to the gym just yet, but there's always next week!

I've also spent my days off work planning blog posts for this month, and also taking some photos while I had the privilege of daylight hours to myself. I'm determined to find my place in the blogging world again this year, and getting ahead and planning should hopefully help with this. 

All in all, it's been a slow start to the year, which was very much needed after the chaos of Christmas and travelling around. I returned to work this week too, so really I've just been focussing on getting everything back on track - ready to smash 2019. 

Links I've Loved:
What I've Been Buying:

This week I've been treating myself in the boxing day sales {after saying I wasn't going to shop - oops}. There were a few things I needed to get, trainers and a new sports bra being the main necessary purchase as mine were both so worn out. I also placed quite a large order from Anthropologie, as there were a few bits I'd had my eye on for quite some time, and I can never resist an anthropologie sale! I also picked up a new faux fur coat from Warehouse after seeing it on Jodie Melissa and a few new pieces of knitwear to see me through the winter. 

Read of The Week:

This week I've had my head stuck into Eat Drink Nap by Soho House. I love a good novel, but I'm also a bit obsessed with coffee table books and this one is a great one. I was given this one for Christmas and I've not put it down since. If you love home decor, entertaining or cooking, this one is for you. It has some of their famous recipes, goes into the inspiration behind each of their venues and some tips on how to decorate your home, host a party, make the perfect cocktail and so on! Essentially, it's a guide on how to bring a little bit of Soho House into your own home {and the mac and cheese recipe looks divine!}.

Recipe of The Week:

One recipe I've been loving this week are these Chunky Halloumi Chips by Nadiya Hussein. I'm a big lover of anything halloumi, and I've tried countless halloumi recipes but this is by far the best. We made these when we had some friends over for dinner over Christmas and they went down a treat. The dressing adds a little bit of a twist, and a more exotic kick to the recipe - perfect for impressing friends or just for a family lunch!

xo Becky 

Skinny Banana Nut Chocolate Muffins

3 January 2019

It seems I've been a little rubbish with posting these skinny baking recipes as of late, after promising new ones time and time again! The truth is, all I've been baking recently are these banana chocolate chip muffins and I thought I'd already posted the recipe...oops. But I'm back, and sharing my favourite skinny bakes muffin recipe with you all today - I hope you enjoy!

Ingredients {for 12 muffins}:

2 ripe bananas {the browner the better for this recipe!} 
100g plain flour 
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon nutmeg
4 fresh eggs 
6 tablespoons granulated sweetener {I use this one from silver spoon}
25g macadamia nuts {chopped finely - best to use a food processor for this}
20g chocolate chips 


1. In one bowl, mash the banana and sugar together with a fork {or a potato masher if you're lazy like me}. 
2. Add in the four eggs and whisk together. 
3. In a separate bowl, add in your flour, baking soda, baking powder  and chopped macadamia nuts and mix thoroughly. 
4. Fold the wet ingredients into your dry ingredients and combine until you have a smooth mixture. 
5. Add in your chocolate chips and stir the mixture until they're evenly distributed. 
6. Pour the mixture evenly into muffin cases - silicone ones work best for skinny recipes as they tend to stick to paper cases!
7. Pop into the oven at 180 degrees for about 20 -25 mins or until they're cooked all the way through. 
8. Enjoy!

If you're following Weight Watchers then these will set you back two points per muffin, which I don't think is bad at all for a little mid-morning snack with a cup of tea! I hope you liked this recipe and please let me know if you try it for yourself or have any improvements! 

xo Becky

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Photo Diary: A Countryside Christmas

2 January 2019

Before I jump into today's post, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! Can you believe we're in 2019 already?! I had originally planned to share today's post on New Year's Day but unfortunately the flu completely took over and I wasn't able to do much but complain from the comfort of my bed for the past few days - so here we are, a few days late! Old habits die hard...

Todays post will just be a quick one, but I wanted to share some snaps from my Christmas at home in Hereford. It was lovely to go home, see the whole family, and of course get lots of puppy and cat cuddles in! 

I spent a lot of time with Teddy, our Yorkshire Terrier, and he loved his Christmas jumper that I got him - what a cutie!

We also went on lots of walks, the dogs go on a big walk every day, but my participation was mainly a feeble attempt at walking off the truck loads of cheese I was consuming on a daily basis. 

I also spent a lot of time admiring our Christmas tree with a Bailey's in hand and the fire blazing - bliss!

xo Becky

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