A Small Charlotte Tilbury Haul

26 January 2019

Can you believe that up until now, I've never tried Charlotte Tilbury Makeup?! I've been makeup obsessed for years, and you really can't miss her pretty palettes and lipsticks scattered all over Instagram...but up until recently, there wasn't anything that really caught my eye, that was different enough to something I already owned which would justify the price. Enter the Pillow Talk palette...Eyeshadow palettes are my weakness, so when I saw that this palette was back in stock online, I couldn't resist popping it into my basket {along with a few other spur of the moment purchases!}

Pillow Talk Palette 

As I said, this was the palette that finally made me jump on board the Charlotte Tilbury train that I'd managed to avoid for so long. The Pillow Talk palette is a pretty everyday palette with golden pink tones, containing a soft shimmery pink toned champagne colour, a matte warm pink brown, a rose gold glitter and a warm matte brown. A lot like the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay {but a little more sophisticated}, Pillow Talk creates a subtle rose gold look which is perfect for everyday wear. If I wanted to wear this for more of an evening look I would definitely have to add a little pencil liner as it doesn't really go far enough alone, but that's no problem as I love to add a little of my Urban Decay Glide On Eye Pencil in Underground {the prettiest shimmery brown!} or MAC Teddy Kohl.

However, whilst this palette is pretty and the perfect 'quick grab' for an everyday look, I'd say if you're a bit of an eyeshadow junkie like me, you probably own some very similar shades. I could find dupes for most of these in my NARs Wanted Palette, Urban Decay Naked Cherry and Naked 3 Palettes, so if you own those - I'd say this is more of a want than a need.

Bigger Brighter Eyes Palette in Exaggereyes

Whilst I was browsing the website {why can I never check out with just one thing in my basket?!} I saw that the Exaggereyes palette was back in stock and immediately added it to my basket. I saw this one back last year in one of Charlotte Tilbury's YouTube videos and knew straight away that it had to be mine, but unfortunately it was out of stock.

Again, the Exaggereyes palette is more of an everyday quad, the perfect neutral selection to create a range of looks in one palette. The colours are fairly warm toned which I like, and the sparkling mauve colour is basically what I look for in every palette I purchase as it's my most worn shade. Again, this palette is similar to one of the Tom Ford palettes I use religiously, so you could probably find alternatives on the market...but I've used that Tom Ford palette to death so this looks like it will be a good purchase for me. 

Kissing Lipstick in Penelope Pink 

I thought I was pretty much done with the two palettes in my basket, or at least my bank balance was hoping I was, but I couldn't leave without adding a lipstick into the mix. I've heard so many good things about Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, so really it was an easy decision. I decided to go for Penelope Pink from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range, as they're a little more creamy and moisturising, which is perfect for me to wear everyday. Penelope Pink is described as a pink toned nude on the website, so I was expecting it to be a little more pink toned when it arrived, as it's definitely more of a straight up nude on my lips, but nevertheless it's still a pretty shade.

The colour is extremely opaque for a lipstick as creamy and moisturising which was a nice surprise. I'm not sure how much wear I'll get out of the colour, as I was expecting it to be a little more pink, but I'll give it a go and I'm sure I can make it work with a bold eye look!

xo Becky  


  1. I have Penelope Pink and I love it because of it’s more peachy tone but I know what you mean from the way it’s desrcibed! Bitch Perfect is really similar but more pink so I think you’d like that one more for next time, it’s also one of my most worn lipsticks I’m on my third I think! X

    1. Ahh i was toying between the two for ages and went for Penelope Pink because it sounded more pink haha, I will have to pick up Bitch Perfect next time! xx

  2. I second Bitch Perfect, that was my first Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and in truth it remains to be my favourite, it is so easy to wear.

    Amy x

    The July Rose

    1. I'm wishing I'd have picked up that one now! I'll definitely take a look next time I pass their counter xx

  3. Although I have so many eyeshadow palettes, I can't help but feel like I need the pillow talk palette. I absolutely love the pillow talk lipstick, my go-to nude!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. If you love the lipstick, then you'll love the palette! It's definitely a very pretty everyday quad ☺️ xx

  4. I need the pillow Talk Palette in my life. It's such a beautiful quad, and your photos are so beautiful xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️


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