Photo Diary: A Countryside Christmas

2 January 2019

Before I jump into today's post, I want to wish you all a very happy new year! Can you believe we're in 2019 already?! I had originally planned to share today's post on New Year's Day but unfortunately the flu completely took over and I wasn't able to do much but complain from the comfort of my bed for the past few days - so here we are, a few days late! Old habits die hard...

Todays post will just be a quick one, but I wanted to share some snaps from my Christmas at home in Hereford. It was lovely to go home, see the whole family, and of course get lots of puppy and cat cuddles in! 

I spent a lot of time with Teddy, our Yorkshire Terrier, and he loved his Christmas jumper that I got him - what a cutie!

We also went on lots of walks, the dogs go on a big walk every day, but my participation was mainly a feeble attempt at walking off the truck loads of cheese I was consuming on a daily basis. 

I also spent a lot of time admiring our Christmas tree with a Bailey's in hand and the fire blazing - bliss!

xo Becky

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