Brilliant Blossoms with Jo Malone

29 March 2019

If you follow me on Instagram, then I'm sure you've seen that earlier this week I attended the launch of the newest Jo Malone collection, Brilliant Blossoms. Being invited to this event was a dream come true for me, so I wanted to document the day on this blog before I forget any of the details! And of course, I took so many photos of their stunning installations that I just had to share them!

The day started at around 1pm when we arrived at  Victoria House just off Bloomsbury Square {one of my favourite areas in London}. We were lead through a dark tunnel and through a heavy black curtain into a floral wonderland, set up ready for lunch. Before lunch there was time to mingle, take it all in and of course, discover the new scents - each one of them housed in their own scented booth with their matching flowers hanging from the celling. 

We then found our places at the lunch table, and listened to a short introduction to the newest blossom fragrance - Frangipani Flower, which smells incredible. The whole blossoms collection is stunning, but I think Frangipani Flower may be my new favourite, quickly followed by Orange Blossom. 

Lunch was served and was divine, we had goats cheese and beetroot ravioli followed by lemon curd posset...served in a frozen lemon which I got a little too excited about! 🍋 After lunch, and a few more rhubarb lemonades, we were guided through to another room, and just when we thought Jo Malone had outdone themselves, we walked into a room with an actual tree hanging from the ceiling! 

In the workshops room we were taught how to design and make our own flower crowns, which was so much fun! I laughed my way through the whole workshop, as honestly I am not the worlds best flower crown maker...mine was definitely more of a fascinator, maybe one for Ascot 😂. After we'd made our flower crowns we moved on to the paint marbling station and marble painted our own Jo Malone boxes to keep our flower crowns in. I went for a pink and yellow theme and the whole process was so relaxing...the perfect way to finish the day. 

As I said before, being able to attend this event was a dream come true for me...and one which may never repeat itself so I wanted to lap up every minute and took photos of every single thing in every room 😂 sorry for the spam, I was just so excited! 

xo Becky 


  1. This is definitely the ultimate in blogging goals - you lucky thing! It looks as though it was as fabulous as you'd expect a JM event to be! x

    1. Thank you Alice, it was everything and more! xx

  2. It looks absolutely beautiful, wow! I bet you had the most incredible time!


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