How To Spend 2 Days in Nashville

3 July 2019

If you follow me on Instagram {if you don't - it's @beckyderby} then you'll have seen that I recently took a little trip to Nashville, or music city as it's affectionately known. As a big lover of country music, Nashville has been on my bucket list for quite some time and it did not disappoint. It's such a cool city, and unlike anywhere else I've ever visited, and it's also a city I'd definitely visit again - so not a one hit wonder.

Where to Stay

If you're heading to Nashville, you're going to want to be fairly close to Broadway or Honkey Tonk Row, it's where all of the nightlife is and worth staying close by so you can walk home after a night in town. We stayed in the Bobby Hotel, and I couldn't have been more impressed - it's probably one of my favourite city hotels I've ever stayed in. 

Everything about the hotel is stunning, as you come in you're greeted by a modern lobby with a country twist, which stems through the entire hotel's decor. The hotel also has Sacha, the hotel dog - the cutest rescue dog who wanders around the lobby to greet the hotels guests. 

The rooms are huge, as is the bathroom {it was probably bigger than my room in London!}, the beds are so comfy and you don't hear a peep from the rest of the hotel or the street outside so you're guaranteed a decent nights sleep. 

The hotel also has an amazing rooftop bar, complete with pool, cabanas for the summer, a live music stage and a 1956 retrofitted Greyhound bus, with lounge seating in the back and a driver’s seat at the edge of the building overlooking 4th Avenue. It's the perfect place to start your night, or spend the whole night there before wandering back to your room. 

Another great option if you're looking for a similar vibe is the Noelle, it's very upmarket, very cool and just a stone's throw away from Broadway.  

What to do - Day 1

On day 1 it's likely that you'll be a little tired and jet lagged if you've travelled as far as we did, so you'll need to fuel up for the day. Cafe Bobby at the Bobby Hotel is amazing {and really instagrammable too!}, I had the best avocado toast I've ever had...if you can even call it that, it was loaded up with so many extras that the avocado wasn't even the show stealer of this dish. They also do great coffee, so the ideal start to the day! 

After breakfast, jump in an Uber and head down to 12th South - one of the Nashville suburbs. 12th South is a lovely area and is perfect for tracking down Nashville's famous murals. Here you'll find the 'Nashville Looks Good On You', 'I Believe in Nashville' and 'Looking Pretty Music City' murals, which make the perfect photo opportunity! It's also a free activity...bonus! There's also the prettiest flower truck, lots of cute shops...including Draper James, a must-visit if you're in Nashville for the weekend. It's very twee, and perfect for picking up a more upmarket souvenir of your time in the city {and they also do amazing sweet tea!}. 

After you're done shopping and mural hunting, you need to head to the Five Daughters Bakery just off 12th South...their donuts are out of this world and the cafe itself is just too cute. I went for the Strawberry Shortcake donut and still think about it to this day. 

After you've visited Five Daughters, you probably won't need lunch {I was honestly full until around 8pm!} so instead head back downtown and take a walk across the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge for a great view of the Nashville skyline...and to walk off your donut!

Photo from Dame Traveler
When you're ready for dinner, head down to the river for a bite to eat at Liberty Common. We unfortunately didn't make it here but it was high on our list. The restaurant is so pretty, and the french-american inspired food looks to die for, as do the cocktails! 

For after dinner drinks, head back downtown to Rare Bird, the rooftop bar on top of the Noelle Hotel. It has the best rooftop views of the city and an ultra cool vibe {and really comfy outdoor sofas}...although a word to the wise, their Pimms Cup is basically an alcoholic Pret Ginger Shot! 

What to do - Day 2 

On day 2 we treated ourselves to a lie in and skipped the bigger breakfast in favour of a pastry from Starbucks, but if you're looking for a great brunch spot, Cafe Roze comes highly recommended...and perfect if you like a little pink decor! 

Day two for us was fully dedicated to country music, although you can't really escape it wherever you are in Nashville! First we headed to the Country Music Museum and Hall of Fame. If you're really into your country music and old school country, then you'll find this really interesting. Personally, it focussed too much on the country music roots for me and I'd have preferred a little more on the modern country stars and how they're influencing country music right now, but it was still really interesting to take a look inside Elvis' car and whatnot...I would say however that the museum could benefit from playing a little music! We then visited the Johnny Cash museum, and although it's only about one country singer we found it much more engaging and it had a better atmosphere - so definitely do both if you can! 

After you've finished learning in the museums, head down to Pinewood Social for a spot of lunch, drinks and a little bowling. We never made it here, but it was on our list and comes highly recommended by the locals! 

In the afternoon, we headed back to Broadway where the tourist activities continued...this time trying on cowboy boots and hats! I didn't end up buying any as they were very pricey {and I'd never wear them back in the UK} but I did have my eye on these blue fringed cool! We also popped into some record shops and souvenir shops to pick up a magnet for the fridge - a must on every trip. 

If you're looking for the traditional Nashville experience, for dinner you need to head down to Hattie B's Hot Chicken - the dish Nashville is famous for. After dinner, head back down to Broadway for a night of Honkey Tonk hopping which is so much fun! We spent most of our time in Dierks Bentley's Whisky Row as we heard they had the best band playing, and it didn't disappoint. 

So there you have it, two whole days in Nashville! I had the best time in Nashville, and I'd definitely go back again for a party weekend or even just for another look around, so definitely one to consider for your next American city break! 

xo Becky 


  1. Ah I've wanted to go to Nashville for ages, it's definitely high up on my bucket list. Gorgeous photos x

    Tea Party With Alice

  2. It sounds like lots of fun! Would you have liked longer or did you feel that 2 days were enough? Looking forward to reading your next stop on this holiday xx


    1. I think we had enough time there! I'd love to go back and do it all again as I loved the city, but I think we did everything we wanted to do while we were there :) xx


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