Skating at Somerset House

18 November 2019


Outfit - Top: M&S {here, cheaper version here}, Skirt: Reiss {on sale here}

Every year me and my friends organize a festive day of ice skating in London at some point in November, it gets us in the mood for the holiday season and really marks the start of the countdown to Christmas in my mind. This year was no different, however we did switch up the location, so I wanted to fill you all in on our experience. 

For the past few years, we've gone to the skating rink outside the Natural History Museum {you can read about that here} and whilst it's beautiful, this year we fancied a change so we headed over to Skate at Somerset House. Our tickets cost us £17 each for one skating session, which may sound quite pricey {isn't everything in London?!} but all of the major ice skating rinks in London are priced pretty much the same - there's only about 50p difference between them all. You can purchase extras with your ticket such as a Fornum & Mason lunch, but we decided to skip this as we were already spending enough on the tickets themselves. 

The rink is located right as you walk into the grounds of Somerset House, directly beneath the big 'Skate' sign and infront of the Fortnum & Mason tree, which is decorated in massive gold baubles and Fornums hampers - so cute! 

Before you get your skates, you have to check your bag which is something they don't have at the Natural History Museum and is so useful if your entire group is trying to balance and hold a bag at the same time! However they do let you take your phones in with you for photos, so fear not! The skate session lasted 45 mins which was plenty of time for us, and any longer we would have struggled to keep going as the ice had gotten too gritty to continue skating. It did get busier towards the end of our session though, so I'd say if you want the rink more to yourself, get there at the beginning of the session and book an early slot. 

We went in the middle of the day on a Saturday so of course it was busy, but you can also go throughout the week to beat the crowds, or you can go at night for Skate Lates where they have DJ's, bars and a little more entertainment...that's next on my list! 

xo Becky 

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