Lockdown Beauty Favourites

15 May 2020

It's safe to say my lockdown beauty regime has been a little different to normal. Before the country went into lockdown I came to my parents house so I could make use of the outside space and of course, the dogs company! However, I {perhaps naively} didn't realise that I'd be here for 10+ weeks so I've been a little low on skincare and have had to purchase a few bits and bobs. Today I thought I'd share the bits that have really stood out for me while I've been trying to combat a number of new skin and hair issues that the lockdown lifestyle has thrown at me...there won't be any makeup today as honestly, I've only been wearing it once a week for a trip to the supermarket {otherwise known as the social event of the season 😝}. 

Darphin 8-flower Oil Cream Moisturiser - Here. 

When I first came home my skin was horrendously dry, something I've never really had to deal with being an oily skinned girl for my entire life, so I actually pinched this one from my Mum who thought it might help. The cream is quite thick in texture so I mix a little in with some facial oil {at the moment I'm using the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil} to make it apply a little easier and to also make the cream last longer as it's quite pricey for someone who can't work right now! This was a game changer for me though, instead of waking up in the morning with skin so dry it was sore, it was plump and felt fresh, so I've been using it a few times a week for the whole of lockdown.

Olaplex Hair Perfector No3 - Here.

I've had Olaplex in my haircare stash for a while now, but being the lazy person that I am, I rarely used it because it meant I had to leave it on for 20 mins before a shower and I was always busy doing something. So I've been using all of my free time to take a little better care of my hair. I gave my hair a little DIY chop and cut about 4 inches of dead ends off and have been religiously using Olaplex to get it into the best condition I can. Instead of the 20 mins I used to leave it on for, I've been leaving it on all day and washing it off in the evening, and my hair is definitely thanking me for it - it's so much healthier and thicker now and hopefully it will continue on in that way as it grows!

Antipodes Aura Mask - Here.

Like I said, when I first came home my skin broke out in the worst break out I've had in years, it was sore, red and just all around annoying. I have so many masks at home which I know would have banished it but I didn't want to purchase something I knew I already owned, so after a few recommendations I decided to try the Aura mask from Antipodes and I've been pleasantly surprised. The Aura mask contains Manuka Honey which is known for its blemish fighting properties and also hydrates your skin at the same time, so it was perfect for my spotty, dry skin. It also has a really calming scent so its perfect for a lockdown pamper evening!

Jo Malone Vitamin E Hand Cream - Here.

With all of the extra hand washing, my hands have been so sore and sometimes cracked which was obviously quite painful. To combat this I've been road testing a few hand creams and the Jo Malone Vitamin E Cream has been the best out of them all. It's thick so its perfect for really dry hands, and its not heavily scented so it won't interfere with your perfume. My hands are now lovely and soft and really that's all you can ask for with all of this hand washing! It is quite expensive {as with everything from Jo Malone} but the cream, although thick, spreads really well on your hands so you only need a tiny bit meaning the tube lasts a very long time. 

xo Becky

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